Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Proof

Us practitioners of common sense have been saying this for several months. Now we have the proof.

Only in this current state of affairs can Eric Holder and several underlings NOT  be in jail right now. If the Bush Administration had been an accessory to murder of a federal agent, the media would be screaming until impeachment proceedings began, and beyond. But not now. Not with the media acting as an agent of the government. This is the most dangerous time in America in at least a few generations now. We going to just sit and watch? Maybe.
But just think of a society where the only guns that exist are in the hands of the government.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work place violence?

Wow, this is really getting so tiresome. Once again, the White House has made a collective ass out of itself issuing this statement today.

Come on. If this were an attack by someone with even remote ties to Christianity, the phrase domestic terrorism would be applied ad nauseum. But no, since the attack was inspired by radical Islam, it is simply work place violence.  You see, a believer in Islam can simply not commit a terrible act that was inspired by his religious beliefs. Only the Christian is capable of such hatred.

 The majority of Americans have enough common sense to not buy into any of this crap being spewed by the White House, of course.
But the regularity of such nonsense is beyond expected anymore. It's just plain stupid. And they still expect us to believe it.