Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How many times during the last presidential campaign did we hear BHO'B referred to as the the Great Unifier? Let's elect a guy with no qualifications other than a silver tongue and some color in the skin and we will all live happily ever after as one. Don't ya love political correctness?

His first many months in office were dedicated to health care reform. He gave countless speeches throughout the land praising the wonders of government controlled health care. How? By constantly portraying the insurance companies as the greedy, evil enemy. Never mind that the insurance companies enjoy a mere 3% profit margin on their product. He always failed to mention that annoying little fact.

Then, he made it clear that anyone who may express a dissenting opinion regarding his socialist agenda is somehow un-educated, simple, and un-enlightened. You just didn't get it. He actually went as far as telling us not to watch a certain cable news network because some info delivered there wasn't real. And of course, if you did not agree with the big government, big spending policies, you are most certainly racist. Now Obama himself never actually made that charge, but his minions did, over and over and over again. And not a word of objection from the Great Unifier himself.

Then came the budget battle. Why do we have record deficits? It's the evil rich people. They just don't pay their fair share in taxes. Even though if the top 5% of earners were taxed at a rate of 100%, it would barely scratch the surface of the current deficit, well, another little annoying fact he fails to mention.(Anyone else tired of this worn out class warfare nonsense we always seem to get from a certain political party?)

Now this week, it's gas prices. As he joked about not having to pay for gas himself, he boldly announced that the DOJ will launch an investigation into the greedy speculators who trade oil on the open world market. Brave move, indeed. Never mind that that is what the Federal Trade Commission does for a living, nope, he's gonna get to the bottom this. Surely, it's these shady capitalists causing your pain at the pump. Also never mind, that since his administration has monetized the national debt(thus printing money at a record pace), that prices of everything are rising, combined with an unsettling middle east situation is what really is causing the $5 per gallon gas.

So back to the original point. The Great Unifier is obviously using the time tested strategy of divide and conquer. Create an enemy for every issue, exaggerate a crisis, and imply that should you not agree with his brilliance, you are the enemy. He has become the most divisive, polarizing president ever.

How's that kool-aid tasting now, America?

First time ever

Today, the Fed will hold it's first ever press conference. Ever. I find this fascinating, and I'm not sure why. Will Bernanke admit they have ruined our economy? I doubt it, but maybe the long time demands of Ron Paul and his legion of followers are finally being heard...and it's about time. Stay tuned...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Food for thought

I've been watching this Obama guy closely since the night of the 2004 Democratic convention. He gave a speech that night that was met with resounding applause and officially made him a rising star  in that party. This had all been in the works for years, of course, but the party convention brought it to the national stage.
In the ensuing months, it became quite clear that the political correctness cancer that is destroying this country would make sure Obama would win the presidency in '08. You could see it coming, especially when the other party could do no better than to nominate Mr. McCain.

By this time, the media had brainwashed most people into believing that  Bush was a direct descendant of Satan(the dumbest of all his descendants) and since McCain was from the same party as Bush, he had no chance anyway.

But now, almost  two and a half years into the Obama presidency, there seems to be quite a bit of buyers remorse out there. Why?
Did those that supported him not listen to him on the campaign trail? When Obama claimed he would fundamentally transform America, did none of them ask, tranform how, and into what? I doubt it. It didn't take too much effort to read between the lines of an Obama campaign speech to realize that he fancied himself as the father of the American nanny state. If you listened, he made it quite clear that government is the solution to every problem, large or small. Government will provide everything you need and most of the things you want. And this will all be done on the back of some type of green energy/jobs policy that only he knew how to implement.You may think that all sounds like nonsense. Well, that's because it is nonsense. This exact model has been crumbling all across Europe for many years now, and is coming to it's ugly conclusion rapidly. Obama knows this. 

You ask, why would the President of the United States officially adopt policy that is a proven failure? Here's why. Read his books, listen carefully to his speeches he gives on foreign soil. Look at the current strategy he adopted for this debacle in Libya. This president resents the fact that the United States is a successful, free, and prosperous nation. He simply thinks it's not fair. Why should one country enjoy the standard of living, and the individual liberties we enjoy here, when most other nations do not. He sees himself as a globalist, a citizen of the world, and feels he is doing the right thing by bringing down the U.S.

Personally, I disagree with the guy. Sure, I figuratively won the lottery the day that I was born to two wonderful parents right here in the U.S.A. But I gotta admit, I like being number one. And I think a large majority of Americans would agree with that sentiment.

It's not too late America, but for God's sake, you gotta start paying attention.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yeah, the price of a gallon of gas is getting high. Is it getting more in line with where it should be, or, are we being taken for a ride? I honestly don't know. But I can ask questions.

Is the general unrest in the largest oil producing part of the world causing the price of oil to jump?

Is the fact that the worlds largest owner of of oil and natural gas reserves prohibits the exploration and drilling for these resourses causing the increase?

Are the the Oh So Evil evil oil companies gouging us for their own benefit?

Or is it that the demand for oil has skyrocketed in the rapidly developing nations such as China, India and Brazil are causing an unprecedented demand, which naturally increases the price?

Oil closed at over $111 per barrel today. It seems to me, that the embracing of the free market system by the aformentioned places like China and India are the main reason you can sell oil for $111 per barrel. I'm no economist, but I do understand the laws of supply and demand. I am also a firm believer in free markets. Let the market be, and the price will go where it is supposed to go.

How often have we heard that America needs a more proactive energy policy? And it always comes from the big government, we need to control evertyhing types of people(insert Presidents name here). The truth is, we have had the most effective energy policy for over 200 years. And that is the free market system.

Once a technology has proven that it can be developed in a cost effective manner, that will deliver affordable energy to the masses, then, the entrepeneurs, risk takers and capitalists will invest to ensure it happens. No level of government investment(spending) will make this happen. Look at Carter's wasted attempt at developing Synfuel in the 70's. Don't get me started on that one.

The bottom line is, as always, get the government out of the way, and the human condition will improve. Just read some history.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is a budget? Part 2

I made a post here a couple days ago regarding the agreed upon federal budget, that the aformentioned Connolly was not pleased with. I proclaimed to be at least somewhat pleased. But as they sometimes say in the NFL," After Further Review" I am now alot further in the camp of the very wise Connolly.

The more I research this issue, the more I realize that this $38.5 billion in so called cuts, is just $38.5 billion less than the proposed increases the Almighty President has been pushing for. The bottom line is, that we will still spend more this year, than we did last year.
Does this make any sense to anyone?

My fellow Americans, we are screwed. Aside from the tiny minority of Americans who actually want to see this country crumble, does this make any fiscal sense to anyone at all? Yet this is the road our elected representatives have us on...80 miles an hour in a 60 mile an hour zone. At what point does everyone wake up?

I am now thinking the responsible thing to do, is to prod our representatives into voting to NOT raise the debt ceiling and force the brilliant occupant of the White House to enforce a policy of spending only what comes in. Sounds elementary, of course, But I was afraid not rasing the debt ceiling would actually cause a general default of obligations by the U.S., which of course, would lead to worldwide financial disaster. I'm not so sure now. It may be going "All In", but at what point does the line finally get drawn.

Stick to your guns, Connolly, you may be smarter than I thought.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Common Sense

I was talking to Whitley today. Rapidly, a general discussion of public employee unions ensued. Now, Whitley and myself are both members of a private sector union, and Whitley is an elected official. I brought up the point that with a little research, one can easily see how the public employee unions, especially here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, have a complete stranglehold on the the taxpayer. Whitley agreed, and stated that massive reform is needed. The disagreement came on exactly what kind of reform.

For the sake of brevity, I will not go into the boring details here. A little bit of looking up facts on your own will suffice. But the discussion eventually went toward the state of Wisconsin.(Home or the world champion Green Bay Packers). This is where the evil governor, Scott Walker has had the guts to take on the unions of the public sector. About time someone did something, I said. Whitley cried bloody murder.

Unfortunately for me, the real crux of the issue is the one thing I neglected to mention to Whitley in our discussion. If you read the bill Walker has set forth in Wisconsin(home of the world champion Green Bay Packers), you will see that it provides for the choice of the state worker on wether or not they want to join the union. The individual choosing. What a novel concept. This is exactly why union leadership is so opposed. If the individual can choose, they will see the amount of union dues collected  decline, probably dramatically, as many employees will opt out of union representation. The less union dues collected, the less money they have to throw at the scummy politicians come election time. This is really where the controversy lies.

I asked myself(and I forgot to ask Whitley) why individual choice is the most sacred concept in the world when it comes to deciding whether or not to abort the fetus in one's belly, but when it comes to joining a union, choice is not allowed. If you want the job, you join, no questions asked. Interesting.

My guess is the overwhelming majority of folks we saw screaming at the Wisconsin capital are ardent supporters of the right to choose when it comes to abortion. (Or am I wrong?) Yet they don't feel the right to choose matters when it comes to joining a labor union. Too much inconsistency here for averageuncommonsense. Any help?

In the end, Whitley gave a me a cd he burned for me and departed. We're still buddies and always will be. But maybe he had a little something to think about?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is a budget?

I was talking to Connolly yesterday. Last years budget(just being passed now), was the topic. Connolly was all hacked off about the fact that there were only $38.5 billion being cut. And this is absolutely a legitimate gripe. On a percentage basis, this is almost nothing. It might stave off America's bankruptcy by about 10 minutes.

But, I was singing a different tune. Considering that the budget proposal initially put forth by the Almighty Barak Hussein Obama had absolutely $0 in spending cuts, this has to be considered progress in the right direction. Yes, Mr. Obama doesn't seem to have any qualms whatsoever about bankrupting our country, but, today, he was taking the credit for reducing spending. OK, he's a politician, and basically, they all look this foolish. Unfortunately, Obama seems to have this foolishness perfected.(Digressing, yet again, here).

But,it is hard to argue that this is not a positive step. This is merely setting the tone for the battles that will come to a head in the next few weeks-the debt ceiling and the current years budget. I explained to Connolly you have to walk before you run. Connolly wasn't buying it.But, there is no question that the party that is in control of the House is now setting the tone and gradually raising the bar. They are leading, and Obama is following. Kind of refreshing to see some leadership, finally.

This is a great debate and I would love some further input. Yes, our spending is beyond out of control. And, it is time for drastic measures. Can we right the ship overnight? Let me know.

Friday, April 8, 2011


What is all the hoopla over this impending government shutdown? Who cares? If it shuts down for a day or two, we save tens of millions, we can breathe for a little while, and the politicians look as stupid as they are. It's kinda fun, actually. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Truth

History has proven that the purveyers of truth are almost always silenced. From Galileo to Dr. King, with dozens of others in between, they have been silenced because the general public just can't handle the truth. Glenn Beck is just the latest. Those with the power and the money just simply cannot afford to let the truth be known.

I applaud Beck for providing the most intelligent and thought provoking television in American history. He has taken on the most dangerous elements in our civilization, and, God willing, is going to live to tell about it even further. Thanks Glenn.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Red Flag

Just read an article on Irish that is claiming there is a strong possibilty Samantha Power will succeed Hillary at State for a second Obama turn. If I'm not mistaken, she is married to Cass Sunstein...I think? If so, the potential for disaster here is enormous.
Would like some feedback...more to come later.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

America's pastime?

I was talking to Rico yesterday. It's another April, and another baseball season is underway. Rico doesn't really care either. Does anyone, anymore?

The steroid scandal, well, most people will eventually get over that, if they haven't already. The real reason for baseball's decline in popularity is time...which translates into money. These days, if you sit down to watch a baseball game, you are quite a bit older when that game concludes. And with our attention spans being constantly, intentionally shortened by mass media, baseball just doesn't work. It seems every big league team is now required to use a minimum of four pitchers a game, batters must step out of the box between each pitch to make adjustments to all the equipment they are wearing, and catchers feel the need to confer privately with their pitcher at least three times per inning. All this leading to a typical baseball game lasting well in excess of three hours.

How many times have you fallen asleep in the 5th inning, slept for a substantial amount of time, and then awakened to find out it is now the sixth inning? Hard to take.

Baseball is the greatest game in the world if you consider the basics. The 90 feet between the bases, the unique dimensions to each ballpark and the infinite amount of strategy that can be applied. However, the specialization and the over-attention to detail is ruining the game. Why? Money.

As a professional, you can and should, pursue as much money as you can for your services. No problem, as long as their is a market for such services. And their is a market for baseball. Rico told me that a recent Chicago Tribune article stated that it now costs a family of four a little over $300 to attend a game at Wrigley Field. A few bucks less to see the White Sox play on the south side. And people pay it. That's fine, too. Your choice.

However, this is why the game is no longer appealing to the common people like Rico and myself. It's all corporate funded now, and the regular guy just doesn't have the money, or the enormous amount of time to attend anymore.

Sadly,it just doesn't seem to be America's pastime anymore, just past it's time.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am convinced syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer is the most insightful writer today. Everything is so well researched and articulated. The most brilliant man in America? Maybe. Make sure you check out his column from today, April 1. And no...nothing to do with April Fools Day, either. Just another important column by the good doctor.