Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nazis and Commies

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore about the current administration. But I have to admit, I find it very interesting how Obama, Pelosi, etc., have embraced the perpetual circus on Wall Street. This has to be a huge political gamble on their part. With the blatant support of anarchists, the American Nazi party and Communist Party USA, trudging along with the rest of these folks, Obama seems to think this is what the majority believes in. He seems to be buying into the 99% nonsense.

It just seems like this could have an enormous backlash at the polls next November, especially if these demonstrations turn even more violent.(And they probably will).

We are living thru truly historic times. Never before has a Presidential administration demonstrated such a public detachment from reality. There have been other administrations that just didn't seem to get it, but this one embraces the fact that they are idiots.

The evidence has become rather overwhelming. This has to be by design. The Obama administration's main objective is to destroy the United States as we know it. As I've stated before, he and those that are pulling his strings, believe it is unfair that this country enjoys levels of freedom and prosperity that noone else does. And they feel it is their duty to fix that. Bring America down, redistribute, and then assume total control.

Fascism and tyranny right here in the USA. Never thought I'd live to see it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Nanny State at its best

It's October and that means one of the quintessential American events, the World Series is about to start. Congrats to St. Louis and Texas...may the best team win.

And  two thumbs down to Illinois own, Senator Dick Durbin and three other of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, for their very public appeal to the players in this years fall classic to refrain from chewing tobacco on TV. Come damn stupid do you think we are? Exactly how much of this patriarchal nonsense do you think we the people are going to tolerate? 

 Senator Dick is very adamant that the ballplayers don't set a bad example for children by using a tobacco product on a national broadcast. He has obviously forgotten that these ballplayers are adults, and some choose to use a perfectly legal product during work. Is chewing tobacco a bad thing? I guess, I've never done it and it doesn't appeal to me. But who am I or Senator Dick to attempt to dictate to other Americans what products they consume by their own volition.

But it's to protect the children. Well wait a minute. Isn't that the parent's job? Does the government need to overreach here also? Apparently, according to Senator Dick. Here is another example of the government supplanting the parent...acting as the nanny.

 Durbin, take your elitist, condascending act somewhere else. You look like a fool...and you are. We Americans are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. We don't need your self absorbed, high minded bullshit. Just go away.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Give me something for nothing

My God... how far have we fallen as a nation? What used to be the land of opportunity, where hard work and functioning within a set of common laws would virtually guarantee a decent middle class existence, at the very least, gets replaced by an entitlement, victimization mindset, that claims no need to work, then what kind of future do we have?

I almost feel a bit sorry for these folks hanging around Wall
street right now. The truth is, they just don't know any better. Our government run educational system is failing our country miserably. Sure, I've been out of school for awhile now, but I still read. And most of what I read tells me that we are schooling our young people to directly counter what made this nation so spectacularly free and prosperous.

It seems they are being taught that their actions have no consequence, if it feels good, do it, and the government exists to take care of your every need and want. Does that appeal to your common sense? Isn't it YOUR job to take care of your needs and wants? And doesn't our Constitution provide for the freedom to do so?

It really boils down to a fundamental shift in the American psyche.
Yet I truly believe that this shift has not yet affected the majority of Americans.  However,  the minority that buy into this nonsense seems to be growing.

We have become lazy and dependent. And this is a very sad reality. Has America run it's course? Think about it. To punish success and reward sloth is not a recipe for exceptionalism. This is just basic truth. And someone, anyone, needs to get this truth instilled in Washington.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here we go

Finally, some progress(I hope) on Fast and Furious.

It will be very interesting to see how much info is given and how heavily redacted these documents will be.

At the very least, Holder is guilty of gross incompetence. It's looking more and more as tho he may be criminally liable.
Either way he is unfit for office. I have been riding the office of my rep(Kinziger) to join in the call for Holders' resignation. It's a essential we let our representatives know how we(their employers) feel about this.
What is being uncovered here is quite possibly the most insidious crime by an administration in history. One can't help wondering if this is what Obama was talking about when he famously told Sarah
Brady during the early days of his administration, that he was "working under the radar" for further gun control measures.

This thing could get really ugly, people.

Monday, October 10, 2011

L.A. Times

Congrtulations to the L.A Times for being the seemingly only major news publication in the country doing what the media is supposed to do. I am speaking once again about Operation Fast an Furious. Fox News is giving some superficial coverage,(gaining traction, tho) and the story has definitely gained traction on talk radio. And of course, kudos to CBS News for breaking this story in March of this year. The following link provides all the L.A. Times stories for the past several months.,0,3828090.storygallery.

Back in the day when the media was still doing it's job, this would have already led to impeachment proceedings for the President. Today, with the political correctness cancer calling the shots, this is largely ignored by the mainstream media.

In the early 70's, when Woodward and Bernstein relentlessly pursued the crimes of the Nixon administration, they were regarded as American heros with an academy award winning film following up their great work. Of course, that was a Republican administration, and the current one is Democrat. Where are the Woodward's now? The crimes being committed by the Obama administration make Nixon's look like petty child's play. Just read a little bit of history. Yet Nixon(who I am definitely no fan of), was tossed out as he should have been. For covering up a break in at a hotel. Obama and Holder are accesories to murder of hundreds of Mexicans as well as U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. This has all become very well documented...just look around a bit. Furthermore, Holder has blatantly lied to Congress reagarding his knowledge of the affair.

Yet if you check the websites and watch the broadcasts of ABC, NBC, and CNN, this story doesn't exist.

It is imperitive that Americans wake up to the fact that we are being swindled by the media. We have reached the point where news is filtered through an extreme left wing perspective(see Walter Cronkite's interview after his retirement), and that we are being kept away from the truth.

Think about it for a minute, and you will realize how dangerous all of this has become. The whole point of a free press is to keep the citizens informed of the actions of it's government. Our press today, for the most part, is simply a mouthpiece for the government. Our liberty and freedom are on the verge of vanishing. Wake up!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011


Don't get me wrong, I am as happy as anyone, that the treasonous al-Awaki got blown to pieces the other day. And I continue to applaud the Obama administration acting aggressively to eradicate the savages that would gleefully slit your throat or mine. But...

This guy was a natural born American citizen.
Very much a dirtbag, indeed, but a citizen of this country nonetheless. Does anyone else have a problem with the president signing an executive order to kill a fellow citizen? The classic slippery slope argument applies here, of course. Does the president now have the authority to kill anyone he deems to be a problem?

What's even worse, is the secrecy.

Have a nice day.