Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom part 2

I was listening to Don and Roma the other day. They are the morning drive time duo on the 50000 watt blowtorch WLS- AM 890 out of Chicago, and they have been spewing common sense over the airwaves for about 25 years now. God bless 'em.  Don was reading a letter that a Chicago area house cleaning company had just sent to all of its clients. The letter explained how due to new OSHA regulations, you must now have a separate toilet cleaning brush for each bathroom in your home. This is to avoid cross contamination. ( I swear I am not even smart enough to make this up...this is real). The letter went on to explain that if you do not already have seperate brushes, they are REQUIRED to place them in your home for you, and they listed the prices that you will pay for your new brushes. Thank God for OSHA and the almighty, all knowing, all caring federal government. To think we have not been cleaning our bathrooms properly for all these years is simply bone chilling. Where would we be without the brilliant central authority in D.C.?

Just as I was  able to hear the smoke blasting out of Don's ears, it hit me that this did not surprise me. Sure, our nannies in Washington assume we are idiots. Been that way for a long time now. But it goes far deeper.

Have you flown lately? The TSA(who is now unionizing, by the way...isn't that great?) will treat you as a criminal suspect via their body searches. No due process, no probable cause. You are a suspect simply because you desire to travel from point A to B. And my 74 year old mother will get the exact same scrutiny as the 20 year old kid with a Pakistani passport.(Political correctness). Is this the beginning of desensitizing the public to searches by federal agents? Cynical, yes, but still a legitimate question. Does this feel right to you? Is this consistent with freedom?

In several states, including the Peoples Republic of Illinois, if you own a tavern that you virtually live in and lose sleep over to provide a living for yourself, you can't have a smoke inside of it.  Even if you OWN the building itself.(Political correctness). Does this feel right to you?....freedom?

And of course there is the famous example of the feds and Boeing that I addressed in a recent post, as well as the incandescent light bulb saga. And the list goes on. And freedom becomes more scarce.

Those of us that make a point of keeping our eyes open know very well that something is going terribly wrong in this country. But I suspect that even those of us who tag along with maybe one eye just half open and base their uninformed opinions on just a glance at a headline and what the   late night comics say know something is not right also. Actually, I'm quite sure of it, because I know Americans, for the most part, are decent folks with a healthy sense of what is right and just. Hopefully, more and more of us are opening that other eye every day.

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  1. Why not just require separate assholes for each toilet?