Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is a budget?

I was talking to Connolly yesterday. Last years budget(just being passed now), was the topic. Connolly was all hacked off about the fact that there were only $38.5 billion being cut. And this is absolutely a legitimate gripe. On a percentage basis, this is almost nothing. It might stave off America's bankruptcy by about 10 minutes.

But, I was singing a different tune. Considering that the budget proposal initially put forth by the Almighty Barak Hussein Obama had absolutely $0 in spending cuts, this has to be considered progress in the right direction. Yes, Mr. Obama doesn't seem to have any qualms whatsoever about bankrupting our country, but, today, he was taking the credit for reducing spending. OK, he's a politician, and basically, they all look this foolish. Unfortunately, Obama seems to have this foolishness perfected.(Digressing, yet again, here).

But,it is hard to argue that this is not a positive step. This is merely setting the tone for the battles that will come to a head in the next few weeks-the debt ceiling and the current years budget. I explained to Connolly you have to walk before you run. Connolly wasn't buying it.But, there is no question that the party that is in control of the House is now setting the tone and gradually raising the bar. They are leading, and Obama is following. Kind of refreshing to see some leadership, finally.

This is a great debate and I would love some further input. Yes, our spending is beyond out of control. And, it is time for drastic measures. Can we right the ship overnight? Let me know.


  1. Let us consult with the wise ones. Click my name.

  2. Have you consulted with the wise ones yet?