Monday, April 25, 2011

Food for thought

I've been watching this Obama guy closely since the night of the 2004 Democratic convention. He gave a speech that night that was met with resounding applause and officially made him a rising star  in that party. This had all been in the works for years, of course, but the party convention brought it to the national stage.
In the ensuing months, it became quite clear that the political correctness cancer that is destroying this country would make sure Obama would win the presidency in '08. You could see it coming, especially when the other party could do no better than to nominate Mr. McCain.

By this time, the media had brainwashed most people into believing that  Bush was a direct descendant of Satan(the dumbest of all his descendants) and since McCain was from the same party as Bush, he had no chance anyway.

But now, almost  two and a half years into the Obama presidency, there seems to be quite a bit of buyers remorse out there. Why?
Did those that supported him not listen to him on the campaign trail? When Obama claimed he would fundamentally transform America, did none of them ask, tranform how, and into what? I doubt it. It didn't take too much effort to read between the lines of an Obama campaign speech to realize that he fancied himself as the father of the American nanny state. If you listened, he made it quite clear that government is the solution to every problem, large or small. Government will provide everything you need and most of the things you want. And this will all be done on the back of some type of green energy/jobs policy that only he knew how to implement.You may think that all sounds like nonsense. Well, that's because it is nonsense. This exact model has been crumbling all across Europe for many years now, and is coming to it's ugly conclusion rapidly. Obama knows this. 

You ask, why would the President of the United States officially adopt policy that is a proven failure? Here's why. Read his books, listen carefully to his speeches he gives on foreign soil. Look at the current strategy he adopted for this debacle in Libya. This president resents the fact that the United States is a successful, free, and prosperous nation. He simply thinks it's not fair. Why should one country enjoy the standard of living, and the individual liberties we enjoy here, when most other nations do not. He sees himself as a globalist, a citizen of the world, and feels he is doing the right thing by bringing down the U.S.

Personally, I disagree with the guy. Sure, I figuratively won the lottery the day that I was born to two wonderful parents right here in the U.S.A. But I gotta admit, I like being number one. And I think a large majority of Americans would agree with that sentiment.

It's not too late America, but for God's sake, you gotta start paying attention.

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