Saturday, May 7, 2011


During the last 6 days, the TV and the internet have been filled with punditry and analysis regarding how the long overdue death of UBL will affect Obams re-election bid next year. One point that keeps recurring in this discussion, is that after the liberation of Kuwait, GHW Bush enjoyed approval ratings as high as 90%. This is true. He still managed to lose in '92. And since the successful take out of UBL, Obama's approval ratings barely cracked 50%. This is also true.

But the one key element I'm not really  seeing in all the analysis is the media. Since Bush had an R after his name, the national media, by nature, was hostile. The current president has a D after his name(plus the PC factor) which naturally earns him the support of the media. Actually, there has been no other president in recent times to have enjoyed what has become virtually state run media.
There is even an entire cable news network devoted to propaganda in favor of this administration.

The White House and the media will run with the UBL story for a very long time. Actually, have you even heard the word Libya lately? It does seem the mixed bag of employment numbers released yesterday did get some juice, but not much. But every detail of this triumph against terror will be in our faces for months. It's the only thing this administration has to hang it's hat on. And it makes for a great distraction from what we are paying at the pump and grocery store.

Don't get me wrong, UBL's demise is a great moment for America and the national psyche. I actually envy the Seal that pulled the trigger. But it will be fascinating to watch over the course of the upcoming election season how it will be manipulated for political reasons. Beware.


  1. What you now need is a countdown clock to the next election

  2. And quizzes...

    eg: finish this quote:

    "alas poor Yorick I knew her _____________"