Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cain is able

Herman Cain. The more I research this guy, the more I hurry to get on the bandwagon. A common sense talker, with a common demeanor, this guy knows how to get things done. But I will praise his qualities on a later post. Today, I want to bring up the other, perhaps lighter, more fun angle.

For those who don't know(virtually everyone), Herman Cain has declared his candidacy for President. He is a staunch fiscal conservative with a set of values that most Americans share. But most have not heard of him, nor will they, unless they make an effort. Why? Because most of the media will not stand for it. Mr. Cain believes in a limited government, lower taxes and personal responsibility, therefore, protecting our individual liberties.
Sure, those with the same ideolgy, (Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, etc.) get all kinds of media attention. But Cain won't. He can't. All because of one simplistic and ridiculous reason. His skin happens to be black. Yes, Herman Cain is an African-American, who took full advantage of the freedom this country bestows upon everyone, and made his own way. He is also an avid supporter of the Tea Party movement. Someone who strongly believes that the phrase, We the People, that introduces the Constitution, actually means something.

I really hope he does become more well known. If the media is forced to ever mention his name, it will be so much fun to watch. Since the political correctness cancer has to keep everything in it's own little box(don't you dare think outside that box), those in the media that are enslaved by political correctness have absolutely no way to deal with the likes of Mr. Cain. It will be hilarious to watch NBC, CBS, NPR and MSNBC tripping over their tongues to try to paint Mr. Cain as a lunatic. How quickly will Jesse Jackson use the phrase Uncle Tom if he has to reference Mr. Cain? And, it's all so predictable. I can't wait until the Mikey Moore's and Bill Maher's have to acknowledge this man's presence. How funny will Letterman and Stewart look?(And not in the way they want to be funny). Maybe I shouldn't include Stewart here...we will see. But it's amazingly easy to predict. My guess is, he will simply be ignored. Does anyone even know the names Thomas Sowell or Alan West? Nope. And it's all because the media simply chooses to act as if they do not exist. They simply don't have a way to deal with such folks. Doesn't fit in the box.

Average uncommon sense says that if you are at all concerned about America's future, and the well being of yourself and our up and coming generations, look up Herman Cain. You will probably like what you see.