Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market Mayhem

Even the one eye half-opened crowd had to be aware of the extreme volatility of the stock markets across the globe last week, especially here in America. The almighty, all knowing, all caring Barak Hussein Obama very publicly blamed this mayhem on the earthquake in Japan, the greed of the oil companies, and those damn Tea Party people. In other words, as usual, he assigned blame everywhere except for where it obviously belongs. He needs to start by looking in the mirror.

The markets are freaking out because of the failure of American leadership to seriously address our problem with spending, leading to a downgrade(first ever) of this country's debt rating.

Here is why. For the first time in at least a couple generations, and maybe ever, we have a White House that is openly hostile toward  free market capitalism. Because of his firm belief in socialism, Obama is regulating business to the point of choking it to death. Between an extremely costly health care law, and regulations issued by the EPA and OSHA under his direction(among others), the U.S. is just not business friendly anymore, and it shows. We have the highest corporate tax rate(35%) on the planet and so many petty rules dictating how a business can be run that money and entrepreneurialism are fleeing for the friendlier confines of Brazil, India, and even China.

But in the ever brilliant mind of Obama, that's just fine with him. He believes that it is his duty as a global citizen, to level the playing field. And since his power is limited when it comes to building up other nations, he enacts policies to bring his nation down. Leveling the field. As I've said before, listen carefully to his words, read his books, and you definitely get the impression he resents America's success. This is why he insists on following an economic model that has always failed, and is failing right before our eyes all across western Europe.

If you agree that America is too free and to prosperous, then vote for him next year. But if you are like the overwhelming majority of Americans who love freedom, autonomy and the guarantee of being allowed to pursue whatever you want within a framework common laws, than vote for someone else. If we get another four years of this, you won't even recognize your country anymore.


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