Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If you still have any doubt that the Democratic party has been thoroughly taken over by Communists, check out this link.

These are Senator John Kerry's quotes from the other day and they should scare you. Here is a prominent and powerful U.S. Senator publicly stating that the media has a RESPONSIBILITY to NOT offer opposing viewpoints. Hard to believe, I know, but read it for yourself. He made these comments on MSNBC, America's version of state run television. Wonder if he will use the same rhetoric on the campaign trail if he runs again?

I would like to think most of us understand that the media's chief responsibilty is to offer as many existing credible viewpoints that they can find. This,of course, is where we get discussion and debate and hopefully independent thinking on our part. But the Senator doesn't think so. He would be a very powerful and protected leader in the old Soviet Union, don't ya think?

There are way too many folks in Washington that have been there way too long. And on both sides of the aisle. Next November is our chance to help clear this up.

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