Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok, you absolutely have to read the linked article. It's short and won't take much time, but be sure you peruse the comments section underneath. You will find alot of very thought provoking material there, albeit, just opinion.

We are living under a regime, not a democratic republic as intended. Attorney General Holder is quite possibly the most dangerous man in America, with the possible exception of his boss.

It's also quite interesting how Fast and Furious has virtually disappeared from the news. It seems as tho only the L.A. Times is about the only major publication covering this monumental scandal. Here is the latest article dated August 17th.,0,7742514.story.

So, the DOJ is raiding a guitar factory in Memphis, while at the same time covering up it's own weapons trafficking that has killed U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Do you even recognize your country anymore?

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