Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have been gone for awhile from this ultra-popular blog, and here's why. The most glorious, wonderful, caring, and beautiful human being, Elizabeth Mauro, has been suddenly taken from this world, officially, on September 29, 2011. In a microcosmic way, this is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to human-kind.
Elizabeth was what we all should be striving to be. A selfless, caring person that always was supportive and loving, no matter who you were, or what you may have done. A person who could find the positive in an overwhelmingly negative situation. She could take your worst day, and make you feel pretty good about it at the end.

I doubt I will ever know anyone like this again. But I do know, that myself and all of Lizzie's friends are sure, that we are so incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with her special insight and her good time spirit, that we are all much better individuals now, just because she loved us, and we loved her.

Elizabeth was what all of us should strive to be. If more of us were as devoted to harmony and peace as she was, this would be alot more pleasant place to be. But God has taken her now, and I'm sure there is a reason. Heaven has it's newest and brightest angel. And those of us that know her, will forever remain grateful for her short, but virtually perfect trip here on earth.

Elizabeth Mauro 1974-2011.

I love you Liz, and will never, ever forget.

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  1. May she and you, her friends find peace.