Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tyranny...again Part 3

This is what I basically said a couple of posts back. The DOJ is hassling Gibson because the finishing work on the fretboard wood is not done in India. Our government is trying to protect Indian jobs. Leveling the playing field.

Apparently, Gibson Guitars has been known to make contributions to the Republican party. Makes alot more sense now, doesn't it?

Obviously, Chicago thuggery politics is alive and well and flourishing in Washington. God help us.


  1. Receiving more information subsequent to reading above, it is quite scary the fascist policies the DOJ (what a misnomer!) is carrying out on behalf of this administration. Gibson's competitors also use the same wood from the same suppliers and are not being harrassed by the DOJ. Why is that? Well, the main competitors have openly been contributing to Obama and his minions, whereas Gibson has been a supporter of the Republicans. I don't think this is a mere coincidence. And why would this administration keep pushing American jobs overseas? Gibson, GE, etc., ad nauseum.

  2. The reason the administration keeps pushing jobs overseas is plain to see. This is how you transfer wealth from America to other places. This has been Obama's mission from the start. In his terminal arrogance, he views himself as the saviour of the planet. And why shouldn't he? The media has been treating him as such for years now. And he believes this crap. We are in serious trouble. Fascism is here... and thriving under the current POTUS. America...stand up for yourself!

  3. Soon you won't be able to get a friggin light bulb.

  4. The light at the end of the tunnel. Click me!