Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you have been paying any attention, you have heard of the Solyndra debacle that has unfolded right before your tax paying eyes in the last week or two. Solyndra, as you know, is the California based(I mean WAS the California based) solar panel manufacturing company that the All Knowing One graced with $535 MILLION
of our dollars from the disasterous stimulous bill of 2009. That's alot of money.
He personally appeared at the plant, speaking of the wonders of solar energy and how Solyndra will lead the way toward his ridiculous socialist utopia that never can exist in reality. The best part is, the auditing firm Price-Waterhouse had issued a statement on this firm much earlier saying that they were in deep trouble. I am not going to post any linked articles here, because you won't read them anyway. But take my word on this one.

Anyway, the brilliant Barak Hussein Obama nevertheless took $535 MILLION from us, to prop up this troubled manufacturer of solar panels 'cause they were so green.(How groovy!). So last week, Solyndra declares bankruptcy and dumps 1100 workers into the street. No severance, either. Now, the DOJ has raided Solyndra and the homes of it's executives in an effort to uncover corruption. Something must have been rotten in Solyndra if the chosen company of the Chosen One couldn't make it, right?

Here's what the media once again, seems to be missing. This DOJ raid is nothing more than an elaborate Magic Johnson head fake. This certainly appears to be a diversion from the media coverage of the Gibson guitar and Fast and Furious embarassments.(see previous posts). It is well documented that Solyndra has been generous to the Obama campaign and that Gibson has given to Republican campaigns in the past. So now that the media is giving some coverage to Gibson(not enough), the DOJ is trying to look like it is playing fair. So, an out of business, democrat favoring company get's a look from DOJ, while the Republican leaning, American icon Gibson, gets raided twice and property confiscated, yet with no charges filed. You make the call. What's it look like to you?

Do a little reading, apply your common sense, and draw your own conclusions. Do NOT rely on headlines or brief stories on the evening newscasts to develop your opinions. Poke around a little and you will be amazed at what you find. Your government is installing a fascist regime and it is up to us to prevent it.

Write and call your representatives. We have to act now, America, it's getting late.


  1. I read the articles. Solyndra is to energy what Soylent green is to cuisine.

  2. What? Are you taking a friggin sabatical? A shitstorm is about to happen c/o your pals at the UN.