Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nazis and Commies

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore about the current administration. But I have to admit, I find it very interesting how Obama, Pelosi, etc., have embraced the perpetual circus on Wall Street. This has to be a huge political gamble on their part. With the blatant support of anarchists, the American Nazi party and Communist Party USA, trudging along with the rest of these folks, Obama seems to think this is what the majority believes in. He seems to be buying into the 99% nonsense.

It just seems like this could have an enormous backlash at the polls next November, especially if these demonstrations turn even more violent.(And they probably will).

We are living thru truly historic times. Never before has a Presidential administration demonstrated such a public detachment from reality. There have been other administrations that just didn't seem to get it, but this one embraces the fact that they are idiots.

The evidence has become rather overwhelming. This has to be by design. The Obama administration's main objective is to destroy the United States as we know it. As I've stated before, he and those that are pulling his strings, believe it is unfair that this country enjoys levels of freedom and prosperity that noone else does. And they feel it is their duty to fix that. Bring America down, redistribute, and then assume total control.

Fascism and tyranny right here in the USA. Never thought I'd live to see it.

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  1. They are counting on the Flea Party vote