Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Nanny State at its best

It's October and that means one of the quintessential American events, the World Series is about to start. Congrats to St. Louis and Texas...may the best team win.

And  two thumbs down to Illinois own, Senator Dick Durbin and three other of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, for their very public appeal to the players in this years fall classic to refrain from chewing tobacco on TV. Come on...how damn stupid do you think we are? Exactly how much of this patriarchal nonsense do you think we the people are going to tolerate? 

 Senator Dick is very adamant that the ballplayers don't set a bad example for children by using a tobacco product on a national broadcast. He has obviously forgotten that these ballplayers are adults, and some choose to use a perfectly legal product during work. Is chewing tobacco a bad thing? I guess, I've never done it and it doesn't appeal to me. But who am I or Senator Dick to attempt to dictate to other Americans what products they consume by their own volition.

But it's to protect the children. Well wait a minute. Isn't that the parent's job? Does the government need to overreach here also? Apparently, according to Senator Dick. Here is another example of the government supplanting the parent...acting as the nanny.

 Durbin, take your elitist, condascending act somewhere else. You look like a fool...and you are. We Americans are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. We don't need your self absorbed, high minded bullshit. Just go away.


  1. Scratching My Balls at Home (Plate)October 25, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    It causes various oral cancers. But we don't need no stinking nannies.

  2. Many things can potentially cause many types of cancers, but government intrusion is causing a quick strangulation death of this country.