Sunday, October 16, 2011

Give me something for nothing

My God... how far have we fallen as a nation? What used to be the land of opportunity, where hard work and functioning within a set of common laws would virtually guarantee a decent middle class existence, at the very least, gets replaced by an entitlement, victimization mindset, that claims no need to work, then what kind of future do we have?

I almost feel a bit sorry for these folks hanging around Wall
street right now. The truth is, they just don't know any better. Our government run educational system is failing our country miserably. Sure, I've been out of school for awhile now, but I still read. And most of what I read tells me that we are schooling our young people to directly counter what made this nation so spectacularly free and prosperous.

It seems they are being taught that their actions have no consequence, if it feels good, do it, and the government exists to take care of your every need and want. Does that appeal to your common sense? Isn't it YOUR job to take care of your needs and wants? And doesn't our Constitution provide for the freedom to do so?

It really boils down to a fundamental shift in the American psyche.
Yet I truly believe that this shift has not yet affected the majority of Americans.  However,  the minority that buy into this nonsense seems to be growing.

We have become lazy and dependent. And this is a very sad reality. Has America run it's course? Think about it. To punish success and reward sloth is not a recipe for exceptionalism. This is just basic truth. And someone, anyone, needs to get this truth instilled in Washington.


  1. Their parents never taught them that money doesn't grow on trees, etc.

  2. Indeed, it does come down to parenting.