Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What took them so long?

I actually hate to comment on this, as it really is a non-story. But I can't help myself. This assault on Herman Cain's character was as easy to predict as the sun rising in the east. We all knew this was coming. The only surprise is how long it actually took for their fear to manifest itself publicly.

Last night, Juan Williams, author of the excellent book "Muzzled" and ardent left wing political analyst, stated that the left inner circles, which he claims to know well, are all very much afraid of Mr. Cain. Of course they are. Cain is a guy who not only escaped the Democratic Party/liberal plantation, he has the gall to talk about it publicly, and even run for President. If you're a lefty, you should be very afraid. Cain exposes the leftist agenda not so much by his words, but his actions, as well as his path in life. He is living proof that anyone, regardless of skin color, can succeed in this country.

The lefty, tho, enslaved by the political correctness cancer, automatically believes that since Cain has black skin, he must sit back with his hand out and keep his mouth shut. And they will decide how much to drop into the extended hand. No  need to look any further than the last 50 years of liberal policies being enacted in this country as proof.

Of course there are countless thousands of black people in this country that have succeeded like Cain, but none so bold to actually seek the Presidential nomination of a major political party. And since Cain has been riding high in the polls for several weeks now, the political establishment feels the need to attempt to destroy him.

It doesn't matter which side is responsible for the attack. What matters is that Cain has ruffled the feathers of the establishment and most Americans love it. In my eternal optimism(naivete'?), I think this will help Cain in the long run. Most of us are fed up with accusations, especially when the so-called victims have not even come forward. And the terminally arrogant media that is running with the story has plainly stated they will not divulge any further details. They simply feel they don't need to, and you will willingly  by what they are selling.  Don't ask questions, they will think for you.

Obviously, at this point in time, not only are the allegations baseless, they are tiresome. And most of us that are capable of independent thought realize this.

Mr. Cain, keep up the good work, and keep up the good fight.

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  1. What ever happened to being able to face and confront one's accusers?

    Oh, that was before the "change" took place