Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The conscience thing

Ever wonder what makes liberals tick? Why do they think the way they do? How can they be so detached from reality? Here's why.


Here is one of America's most powerful leaders lamenting on how the Catholic church and it's "conscience thing" gets in the way of the abortion provisions in the Obamacare health bill.

This sums it up perfectly. Liberals think the way they do because they are simply devoid of any conscience. And they just can't understand how one's conscience could possibly come into play.

Fortunately, most Americans have a conscience. Sure the abortion issue is a tough one, and will never have an overwhelming majority on one side or the other. But for a powerful political figure to openly gripe about some people having a conscience brings full light on the idiocy of liberalism.

Thanks Pelosi. Rarely does a week pass when you don't make yourself and your cause perfectly clear. You truly are one of the best allies typical common sense Americans have. I hope you stay in the political scene as long as you want. Because as long as you are, the more Americans become aware of the sanctimonious hypocrisy of liberalism.

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