Thursday, November 10, 2011

Media part 2

This morning, I was once again listening to Don Wade and Roma on the Great 890AM-WLS  from Chicago, the purveyors of common sense and reason. This pair of broadcasters does an excellent job of monitoring the national media. And I have to admit, I was not surprised at their reporting of the election results from last night.

Elections? Oh yeah...there were elections last night. The overwhelming majority of Americans don't know this. But those of us that keep one eye opened, and the millions of readers of this brilliantly written blog are well aware that there were several very important referendums voted on all across the nation last night.

Which brings the discussion to Ohio. On Ohio ballots last night, were Issue 2 and Issue 3. Issue 2 passed with 61% of the vote. This was the vote that reversed
Governor Kasich's repudiation of collective bargaing rights of the public employee unions in his state. Issue 3 was the vote that allowed Ohio to exempt itself from the Obamacare health care bill. It gave Ohio the right to opt out of the national health care law passed in 2009. It passed by a 66% to 39% margin.

The interesting part brought up by Don and Roma, was that the public employee unions spent millions to get their members out to vote. Predictably, they voted in their own self interest to keep their collective bargaining rights, but apparently also voted to reject Obamacare.

But the most interesting part of the story is the media's coverage.
According to Don and Roma(who do exhaustive research), ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN only reported the union victory, Issue 2, on their nightly prime time newscasts. Issue 3 was not reported. Only Fox News reported both results. Again, no surprise.

However, this certanly illustrates how the national media is nothing but an elaborate scam being forced onto the American public. We are being told only what we are deemed worthy of hearing, or what we need to understand. And you are supposed to be naive enough to just go along and accept what you are being told. If you ask questions, you are un-patriotic, crazy, or a racist. Anyone else getting tired of this non-sense yet?

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