Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rcommended reading

I have no idea what you enthusiastic readers of this blog feel about Ann Coulter. But I'm pretty sure most Americans have never heard of her. Personally, I find her to be rather abrasive, somewhat annoying, and generally discomforting.But, not only do I find myself agreeing with her about 98% of the time, I see her as incredibly attractive in some strange way. No idea why, she's not my type. But at my age, she looks pretty damn good to me.

Anyway, you most definitely have to read her latest effort, "Demonic". This is a brilliantly written masterpiece that explains why we are where we are. The combination of history and the documented tie- ins to the current day are so plainly explained, even liberals could understand. It includes a healthy dose of humor that keeps it light, but never demeans the message. Of course, liberals won't read it because of their inherent fear of the truth. But this book is truly one of the most eye-opening pieces of literature of our time.

Read it. Now.

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