Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer....

Ok, I really wanted to stay above the fray and ignore the Anthony Weiner story. To me, it's just the current distraction the media is feeding us so they don't have to report on the real stories. But, I can't resist commenting on the media coverage once again. Here is what you don't hear.

Weiner, from New York, has a big D after his name. He obviously does not have a single ounce of common sense or decency and has acted like an idiot, especially for someone in his position. And many of the high ranking pols that have a D after their names are calling on him to resign, finally. Sure he should resign. He is a disgrace to the institution he represents. But you can't help getting the feeling that his resignation is being demanded by his fellow party members simply because he got caught. Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, etc., are all portraying him as someone with a disease(in other words, not his fault) that needs to seek the help he so desperately needs. The truth is, he is a self absorbed idiot with less sense than a 5th grader.

Now, about 6 months ago, a guy with an R after his name, Chris Lee(again from New York...what is it with New York?) admitted to a similar prank, but far less disgusting and grotesque as the dalliances by Weiner. It is generally understood, that John(the Tan) Boehner told Lee he will immediately resign his seat, and he did. Why the dramatic difference in the way the two parties handle their own idiots?

Here's why. The dopes with the R after there names, in general, run campaigns and promote policies that have a moral high ground, more of a traditional values type approach to them. So when someone strays like Lee, he is immediately axed.

The dopes with a D after their names have made a living out of having absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. This is the party that will bend over backwards to ensure you have unimpeded access to an abortion. Even use someone else's money to pay for it, if possible. This party views Bill Clinton like the rocknroll world views Mick Jagger: a legend of almost mythical proportions. So what if Clinton has cheated on his wife repeatedly, and lied directly to the American public. He is a hero simply because they think he believes in their progressive agenda.

So there you have it. That's my two cents on a relatively benign topic. Just one question: which set of dopes would you rather trust?


  1. Youre right. Well said.

  2. Had another Yankee in the office yesterday

  3. hey regularguy...glad you posted this. Someone finally said it.