Monday, June 27, 2011

My kinda town....

Since I live right here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, most of the stories I hear originate from my hometown, Chicago. Great city, with great people...for the most part. But check out the link.

Now, this is not a phenomena unique to the windy city. Urban centers from coast to coast are experiencing this homegrown terror. This just happens to be the town I am most in tune with at the moment. The question again, is...why is this happening??

 Here's why. After at least a couple of decades of our schools, our media, and even our courts constantly sending the message that:1-you are not responsible for your actions; 2- you are a are repressed somehow; and 3- you are entitled to what you want, this type of behavior is simply a natural by-product. What else can you expect, when we are consistently being told that someone who happens to have more than you, owes you in some way. Hey Mr. Retailer, you have all this stuff on your shelves and I don't have any of it. I'm entitled to it, because you are keeping it from me thru your evil, repressive capitalism. Never mind all the  risk and sweat and time invested(hard work) that Mr. Retailer went thru to open the shop doors...all that is never considered. Nope, you got something I want, so I'm gonna take it.

Once again, you have to think of ancient Rome. The concept of entitlement, simply because you breathe, was the destruction of the Roman Empire, and is certainly going a long way in the rapid decline of America.

Are we going to continue to keep ourselves ignorant and un-involved? Or are we going to become active in our communities at promoting principles of self reliance, personal responsibility, decency and common sense. I gotta feeling we are about to find out.

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  1. Good job dude. You hit this one right on the head!