Sunday, June 12, 2011

National media

In a post from last month titled 2012, I referred to the double standard the media imposes on us while covering politics. Today's Chicago Tribune gives us a glaring example. The front page of the Trib has a very lengthy, detailed, and alarming article on how we can expect electricity prices to increase by as much as 60% starting in 2014.,0,7432941.story.

The facts stated in the piece are not new. This story has actually been in the news(if you were looking) for a couple of years now. But here is what is remarkable about the piece. There is not one single mention of the current administration's cap and trade ideology. Cap and trade,of course, is the lunacy based plan to tax smoke and trade options to produce said smoke. It's ultimate goal is to put the evil coal industry out of business, which in turn eliminates hundreds of thousands American jobs.

Throughout this lengthy and well written piece, Obama's name is never mentioned. The phrase carbon tax or cap and trade is never mentioned. As you may recall, cap and trade legislation failed miserably in the Congress, so the EPA just decided to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant. The same gas plants need and emit. The same stuff you produce when you breathe. This gives the government the authority to regulate it. Cap and trade lives, albeit through the backdoor. What do we need a Congress for, anyway?

The Trib makes several mentions of "new regulations" as tho they just somehow magically occurred. Not one single reference as to how the regulations originated. Why?

Here's why. The plan of taxing carbon is a plan hatched by the geniuses that call themselves liberals. Therefore the media is obliged to shed as little negative light as they can get away with.
Never associate Obama's name with something that has a negative impact on us all. And blame Bush if possible. Sure, I'm exaggerating a bit here, but not much. My guess is, that if a Republican administration had a proposal similar to this one, there would be loud cries from the media on how they just don't care about the little guy.

Another thought: Wouldn't a 60% increase in electricity rates go a long way in putting many already struggling businesses under? And more jobs disappear.

Anyway, the mainstream media is complicit in the whole mess. That is not even debatable anymore. The Chicago Tribune is one of the most respected publications in the country, and it is failing to the most basic job of the media: to act as the watchdog of the government. That is why the first amendment guarantees a free press. But we are getting short-changed. We only get the parts of the story they want us to have.

Does anyone out there realize how incredibly dangerous this has become?


  1. Obama fully intends to make the Congress irrelevant. Back in the day, that was known as fascism.